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A no-fluff roadmap for starting, growing, and serving your email list.

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Imagine this…

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You have some exciting news to share with your 1,000 followers, so…

You get the photo ready, write a caption, and press 'POST.'

But 24 hours later, you see that only 30 people saw your exciting news...?

The frustration is real!

No one wants to rely on some algorithm to reach your OWN audience!

But what would you say if I told you…

There's a way to algorithm-proof your content, reach all of your followers with the press of a button, and open a new stream of income.


My first rule of growing on Instagram is to start an email list… and it’s so worth it!

​When you START creating an email list for people to join from the beginning, you can passively grow your list WHILE growing on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

It's a 2 in 1...yes, it's that easy!

And with the system I’m about to share with you, I was able to:

Create three freebies that, to this day, passively bring me new email list subscribers.

Grow 5,000+ email list subscribers in under one year.

Help my students identify which freebies make sense for them and magnetize their audience.

Help my student grow 2,500+ email list subscribers in less than three months.

Make consistent five-figure months by selling to my email list alone.

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Turn Your Followers into Subscribers with…

The Email List Accelerator

A no-fluff roadmap for starting, growing, and serving your email list.

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You Might Be Wondering…

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Aren't email lists and blogs dead?

It's quite the opposite actually. A lot of people love receiving emails in their inboxes. Some might even be excited to receive emails; ESPECIALLY when it's from someone they're a huge fan of! I know I look forward to my emails from Bath & Body Works. ?

Don't I need a website in order to start an email list?

Nope! Not at all! While I do recommend having a website at some point, you won't need one to get started! In the ELA, I will teach you how you can launch your list with or without a website.

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Isn’t every email list spam?

While some people out there may abuse their power, sending emails out to your list does not have to be spam! In my course, I'll teach you how to talk to your email list subscribers in a way that they look forward to getting emails from you!

How do I get someone onto my list without being "sales-y"?

There is a magical way to get people onto your email list without being "sales-y," and that's by offering a freebie! Some may also call this an opt-in or lead magnet. In The Email List Accelerator, I teach you all the different freebie options and help you decide which one will be the most authentic for your business while attracting your target audience!

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In The Email List Accelerator, you’ll learn exactly how to build a thriving email list that isn’t spammy, salesy, or techy in six easy lessons + THREE bonuses!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

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Lesson 1: Welcome! Let's Get Started

Welcome to the ELA! In this lesson, you’ll learn the power of email lists and the type of freebies you can use to grow your list.

Lesson 2: Picking Your Freebie

Let’s pick which freebie makes sense for your business in this lesson!

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Lesson 3: Creating Your Freebie

In lesson 3, we’ll cover the tools you can use to create your freebie PLUS how to title it to pique interest.

Lesson 4: Learn The Freebie Tech

Let’s go over how to quickly set up the tech to collect emails and distribute your freebie automatically.

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Lesson 5: Growing Your List

Learn the SIX ways you can grow your email list from ZERO (yep, even if you don’t have a big following!).

Lesson 6: Your List Is Ready...Now What?

Lastly, we’ll discuss what to send to your email list once they’re subscribed, and other important things - like website disclaimers, legalities, and welcome sequences.

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BONUS: Tech Tutorials (GoDaddy, Flodesk, Zyro, Mailerlite, and Squarespace)

Four tech tutorials, so you feel prepared to tackle the tech side of email lists. Learn the Quick Method, the DIY Method, and the 3-in-1 Method to set up the behind the scenes of email lists.

BONUS: How to make an E-Book or Fillable Worksheet in Canva

Walkthrough creating an entire freebie in Canva (which is free!).

BONUS: Set up your welcome sequence (Flodesk and Squarespace)

You’ve got a welcome sequence… now what? Use this walkthrough to set up a seamless welcome sequence for your new subscribers using Flodesk and Squarespace.

BONUS: Pinterest Strategy 101

Learn the Pinterest strategy for getting your freebie in front of more eyes and attracting a larger audience

BONUS: Tutorial For Making Your Pinterest Pins In Canva

Easily make your Pinterest pins in Canva


Hear from other ModernMillie students

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"Having an email list would have never crossed my mind if it wasn't for Millie! It's truly a no-brainer and it SERVES your audience while helping your business. At the start, we grew my email list to almost 4,000+ subscribers by creating freebies. Now, I use this list to promote launches, and products, and send out a weekly newsletter to continue to serve my audience. Why would you not try to grow your email list while growing on Instagram?!'

- Brianna

Who is the Email List Accelerator for?

Whether you're a full-time Influencer or an aspiring Influencer, if you don't have an email list...this is where you can begin.

With this course, you will:

Gain clarity on your personal brand.

Create a captivating freebie that is unique to you, your business, and your target audience.

Learn what tech you'll need to set everything up (don't worry, this will be a walkthrough tutorial so easy even I could do it).

Discoer six ways you can start growing your email list starting today!

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If you’re new around this part of the internet, I’m Millie!

I’m a full-time entrepreneur and online educator with an audience of over 170,000+ people worldwide. My passion is helping women (and some men, too!) grow their online presence organically, creatively and most of all, confidently.

It’s my unshakeable belief that you deserve to pursue what brings you joy, live the life you've always dreamed of, and reach the potential that lies inside of you. I’m here to help guide you along your path.

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